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Journalist, editor, designer & artist

I like words, pictures, graphics, illustration, sound, motion, design, video, technology and how they can combine to create something unique. I have a long involvement and love for digital culture, just as much as I love the smell of fresh ink on newsprint. I love that creating and publishing content is now accessible to everyone and not just a privileged few. I have worked in both mainstream and alternative media since I first wrote a newspaper column at age 15. At that time I also taught myself HTML and was heavily involved in early internet culture. Years later I would be a key newsroom leader at companies in Australia and New Zealand, print and digital for metropolitan, regional and community publications. I’ve been honoured with media awards nationally and internationally. My personal projects enable me to stay on the cutting edge of digital life.


The Context

Documentary-style YouTube channel dedicated to internet culture and the rise of online conspiracies and the con stories behind them. 

News Pages

The News Pages app monitors hundreds of news sources, filtering headlines that may otherwise be lost in the news cycle and delivers them to Twitter and 


Warped Podcast

Online talk show examining the colourful conspiracy characters from the deepest rabbit holes of the internet.


Dark Mode

Established in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dark Mode supports independent artists with each sale of reinvested back into the creative community to create more outstanding designs.



I have previously been part of volunteer board positions and advisory groups on issues of mental health support, media matters, mentoring and more. I like to give back whenever I can, please get in touch with me if you think I would be able to add value to your cause. 


I’m open to professional enquiries from employers. If you’re interested in learning more about my industry skills, experience and how I’m able to assist your organisation, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me using the form below. I am based in Melbourne, Australia.


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